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Russell Lissack Lovers

For those who love The Russ

9/14/07 09:16 am - pheelie87 - russell's girlfriend

sorry! it's the brunette

6/30/07 04:37 pm - smoke_baby - Layout~

Because I love Russell and apparently have way too much time on my hands, I made a Russell lj-layout. Yes.
Click the image for a livepreview, sweethearts!

If the world isn't turning.Collapse )

6/5/07 07:01 pm - outskated - boy oh boy

oh my goody goody goodness

I went to Bloc Party's May 31st show in Atlanta.
And I met everyone but Gordy.
They had no idea what he was doing.
I got autographs, touched hair, and traded things with the band... 

Read here 
Because it's so long, and I gave every single detail of the show;;;it was too long for a review and too short for a book lol

so good luck and I hope you won't strain your eyes, but anyways...the end basically tells how I talked to them and stuffs.

xxPEACE is the shizzzz

4/1/07 02:58 am - tetsualchemist - Hiii!

Umm..Hello! My first time posting here =)! I went to see Bloc Party on the 24th, it was my first concert! It was really, really amusing :) XD. And Russell's my favorite, so I thought I should join the community. I made Russell some bracelets, but I didn't get to give them to him, so I was a little upset about that...but it's cool! I got to see him be awesome XD He was about 10 feet from me, so that was pretty cool XD. I took a couple of pictures with my crappy cellphone...not good at all but if you want to see, they are here and here. Yeah, only two...XD;.

I also made a Russell pin with my own art on it, if you wanna see you can check it out here ^^ ...kinda mad that the pin maker cut the second "L" off, but whatever XD.

Um, I guess that's it! :) Just thought I'd share ^^. -Sora

3/27/07 02:56 am - vanilla_alia - [mod] intro

hello everyone! Hope this change of hands isn't too unexpected, but I'm Alia, the brand new mod. Thanks for not objecting when I volunteered to comandeer this community :)

I've been a bloc party fan for a good while and their music is somewhat of a comfort to me. I live in the US, so obviously BP hasn't had much of a hype in my neck of the woods.

I know this community is pretty laid back and that's awesome but hopefully we can get a few cool things going to inspire you to stay active and share the Russell love. Maybe if anyone feels so inspired, we can get a little layout change underway? LET ME KNOW, is all I'm sayin.

to represent the transformation to come of this community, here is a picture of Russell as suchCollapse )

3/27/07 04:55 am - _shadeofgrey - NEW MAINTAINER!

everybody welcome your new friendly neighbourhood maintainer, vanilla_alia. i'm sure she'll do a sterling job!

and with that, i'm off. bubye everyone!!

3/25/07 12:18 am - _shadeofgrey

hello everybody, some (semi) important news.

basically, i'm not going to do this anymore. although moderating has hardly been an uphill struggle, i don't really want to have to keep an eye on the community anymore.

now i know people will object to me deleting it, so there's two options:

1. we let the community go on with out a moderator, which though this would not be much different to how it has been, should any bad remarks, smut, e.t.c be posted noone can get rid of them. people would have to be witty enough to retort back.

2. someone is willing to take over? you really don't have to do much/anything. and you get the undying adulation of your followers... or something like that...

so, any volunteers?

2/24/07 09:45 am - yogibbear - Russell & Gordon

During an interview...


2/21/07 11:42 am - yogibbear - And another...


2/20/07 12:01 pm - yogibbear - Another one

Here's another one!

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