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Umm..Hello! My first time posting here =)! I went to see Bloc Party on the 24th, it was my first concert! It was really, really amusing :) XD. And Russell's my favorite, so I thought I should join the community. I made Russell some bracelets, but I didn't get to give them to him, so I was a little upset about that...but it's cool! I got to see him be awesome XD He was about 10 feet from me, so that was pretty cool XD. I took a couple of pictures with my crappy cellphone...not good at all but if you want to see, they are here and here. Yeah, only two...XD;.

I also made a Russell pin with my own art on it, if you wanna see you can check it out here ^^ ...kinda mad that the pin maker cut the second "L" off, but whatever XD.

Um, I guess that's it! :) Just thought I'd share ^^. -Sora
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