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boy oh boy

oh my goody goody goodness

I went to Bloc Party's May 31st show in Atlanta.
And I met everyone but Gordy.
They had no idea what he was doing.
I got autographs, touched hair, and traded things with the band... 

Read here 
Because it's so long, and I gave every single detail of the show;;;it was too long for a review and too short for a book lol

so good luck and I hope you won't strain your eyes, but anyways...the end basically tells how I talked to them and stuffs.

xxPEACE is the shizzzz
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Maaaaaaaaaaan...you are so so so so lucky! T.T! I totally had no chance at meeting any of them when I went to see them :(. Haha I wanna be best friends with Russell XD I want a Russell hug D: you is teh luckkkky! ^^ And that's soooo cool that you traded wristbands! Man how awesome!! :D!! -Sora
Oh My Russell.
He's wearing my wristband...


Credit: She's My Rushmore

And that was the shirt he wore to the May 31 concert I went to. The shirt that sparked all the magic.
Ok I must stop the fannish-ness.
Oh good God, girl! I'm so jealous. Jealous jealous jealous.

Reading that has made me so excited for December. SO excited.

hello x