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Russell Lissack Lovers

For those who love The Russ

2/17/07 11:05 am - yogibbear - Hello

Hi y'all. I've just joined but I've been stalking this place for awhile and I finally admitted to myself that I'm obsessed enough to become a resident of this community. 
Now, I've just found some images of Russell (and Bloc Party) . I'm not quite sure if everyone's already seen them, I think some of these might be old but I'll post them anyway.  Gordy is missing from image no.5, I wonder what happened there?
Oh and Peter Hill's site has some nice photos of Bloc Party (mainly of Kele though )and other bands so check it out if you haven't already. Cheerio.


2/13/07 03:53 pm - dianne_d - RUSSELL....is he off the market...

hello everyone! im new and i have a situation that has been killing me inside...i know that this group has been a little slow going lately....but is it true that he's married? cuz on his myspace, it says that his status is at married when it once was single....if anyone knows any evtra information, plz do tell! for tha sake of all of our happiness....

9/26/06 06:18 pm - newrave - Hey Russell, hey hey Russell!!

Yeah, 1 ouf of 36 pictures was of Russell.

9/13/06 09:04 pm - cicciput - so kelly o thinks she's indie now.

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this is just wrong.

9/10/06 08:01 pm - cicciput - he finally admitted it.

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9/1/06 10:41 pm - cicciput - hangin' out with patrick wolf and kelly o


♥ @ the patrick fans' comments.

6/29/06 11:00 pm - cicciput - holding hands, feeding ducks, say the brunettes...

As I was wandering in London Zoo last thursday, who did i see but russell lissack, holding hands with a mystery brunette!! they seemed pretty couple-y....is this a new girlfriend? i was too shocked to even get his autograph!

anyone else know anything about this at all??

(from here, though they edited the post now)

...brunette? must've been kele.

6/29/06 06:12 pm - cicciput

russell wins at lolz.

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5/21/06 09:41 pm - cicciput - this made my day :D


Here's what I did today:

Woke up 8am, swam 20 lengths.

Ate massive breakfast, felt sick.

Watched "Scrubs" 'til sleepy boys woke up.

Played some rocking guitar, and plugged in as many delay pedals as I could until Gordon's head exploded.

Fought with the cat for my dinner... and won!

:) xxxx

from marshals.

5/11/06 02:29 pm - cicciput


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from marshalls.
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